Teaching linuxCNC configurations for 1-2 days?

12 Oct 2017 23:37 #100309 by Stephanisk

Let me introduce myself. My name is Stephane and I am from Bruges, Belgium.

Let's say I am a very determined "noob". Maybe some of you have already seen my topics posted lately.

I am unbelievably interested in CNC and robotics and I have started 1,5 years ago a small company for CNC work, running on Mach3 for the moment.

I have set my mind on linuxCNC but... I wouldn't mind to get some help, meaning face to face help :).

Would someone be interested in giving me a small seminar in the basics and the configuration of hal files . Let's say I will be an excellent and very determined student. But I am starting from scratch.

I am willing to travel anywhere for information and explication.

If you are feeling you want to share your expertise please let me know... I am sure we can find a way that will make both of us happy colleagues.

Thanks in advance,

22 Oct 2017 21:24 #100637 by Stephanisk

Just renewing this post again, to see if I can reach someone interested in this.

Hoping the best.

23 Oct 2017 07:11 #100655 by cmorley
Welcome to linuxcnc!
In general one gets better response to specific questions.
Maybe you could explain what you are trying to configure.
There are configuration wizards available for basic setups.

Anything sophisticated will require a fair amount of time invested.
23 Oct 2017 10:00 #100660 by Stephanisk

Well mainly about hal setups and configuration and postgui.

23 Oct 2017 15:51 #100677 by tommylight
If you happen to end up in Kosovo, let me know, i can try to make some time to give you a crash course in Linuxcnc with actual industrial and hobby machines running it.
23 Oct 2017 16:21 #100681 by cmorley

Stephanisk wrote: Hi,

Well mainly about hal setups and configuration and postgui.


Again too vague.
What kind of machine (mill lathe router)?
What kind of drives (analog servo, step and direction drive)?
What kind of interface (parallel port, Mesa card, Pico Card) and what style (ethernet,Pci)
What screen (AXIS, Gmoccapy)?

Chris M
23 Oct 2017 18:13 - 23 Oct 2017 22:04 #100690 by Stephanisk
Hi Chris,

That's exactly the point. All of them. So it doesn't matter which part a person can teach me, I need to know all of it.

Drives : analogue, step/drive and pwm. Leadshine drivers have had my preference till now. So I have several which can be connected both ways.

Interface: I have Mesa cards: 6i25, 7i85s X 2, 7i84, 7i75.

Screenset: undetermined. I would like te be able to easily implement new screenfeatures and pin related actions. I have been experimenting till now with axis.

I have here 3 robots that need retrofitting. One 4 axis mill with 5th extra rotary. One plasma machine I am building... So any teaching is helpfull.
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23 Oct 2017 18:18 #100691 by Stephanisk
Hi Tom,

Thanks so much for your reply. I don't have any problem to travel to Kosovo. Never been there so that's even better, I get to explore more of this world.

If you would like to give me a crash course , I will be there the day you have time.

Anyway you will get free stay in my hotel in Bruges for anytime you want too.

Please contact me by mail or WhatsApp +32479890496

I tried to mail you but the forum is giving me invalid security code all the time. My mail is stephane.kolijn @ gmail.com

Thanks already.


25 Oct 2017 09:37 #100785 by tommylight
Sorry for the late repply,
You are welcomed anytime, i can arrange 2or 3 days so you can have full acces to 2 KUKA robots KR150 and KR360, an SBZ130, 2 plasma cutters, and some other stuff,
Kuka robots use their own software, all other machines use Linuxcnc.

You will arrive at the Prishtina airport, i will pick you up there.
Will send you an sms so you have my mobile number.
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