TOS FNK25 heavy knee mill retrofit candidate for sale or trade in toronto

03 Jan 2018 22:33 #104000 by ihavenofish
ihavenofish created the topic: TOS FNK25 heavy knee mill retrofit candidate for sale or trade in toronto
hiya. i have a tos fnk25 knee mill i cant take with me when i leave my shop this month. its a nice machine, and would make a really nice conversion to linux, with servos or steppers. 4500rpm 3hp spindle, 40 taper, box ways on y and z, about 32x15x18 travel to the hard stops. this machine is in toronto and youd have to arrange to pick it up.

i have it listed for $3999cdn, but id be quite pleased to trade it for some quality parts that would make my brother tapping centres run.

we need 86-90mm METRIC servos on the x and y, 400w on one machine, 750w on the other with 16mm shafts. sanyo, delta, and siemens make motors that fit in both size and performance. there may be others.

the z on one is 86-90mm 1kw (wierd size, but theres room to adapt a bigger motor), the other machine is 750w, 120mm (again a bit weird, but room to adapt). again, sanyo, delta and siemens are the easy to find options. if we adapt, it gets more open for other brands and models.

for all of those, we need 220v 3 phase models.

we also need a drive for one of the spindles. its 3.7kw 6000rpm, but with high intermittent use. the stock now dead drive was 150 amps peak in sanyos rating system, 220v 3 phase.

for control, i have mesa analogue as well as step and direction (7i77 and 7i76) so im a bit flexible on the types of drives.

let me know what ya might have? :)
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