Teaching LinuxCNC kinematics

09 Jun 2018 22:34 #112094 by Stephanisk

After my unbelievable positive experience after posting similar request here on the forum, i am trying again.

I am looking for someone who is really knowledgable on the kinematics part of LinuxCNC and is willing to spend 3 days explaining me and showing me the how and why of this module. I would travel to your location, so preferably Europe :) I am let's say a newbie on linuxcnc, we have rebuilded one machine now, working perfectly fine.

It's actually for this machine that has a rotary axis on the spindle head and a secondary rotary attachment to set on the table that i am looking for correct kinematics and the understanding of how these kinematics work for future development of robots. I am also looking to find a person for postprocessor building in either mastercam, sprutcam or solidcam.

Well, i told my part of the story, if someone is willing to share their knowledge ( at a reasonable price :) ) let me know, I would be really happy to meet some more fellow LinuxCNC users.


10 Jun 2018 01:22 #112112 by andypugh
Why not come to the meetup in Stuttgart? There will be robots there.

(see the news section at LinuxCNC.org for more details)
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