FOR SALE: MaxNC T2 Lathe

02 Jul 2018 00:20 - 02 Jul 2018 00:24 #113200 by kornphlake79
This lathe is based on a MaxNC T2 lathe, the headstock was replaced with a more robust headstock with a 5C collet chuck and pneumatic collet closer. It's somewhat comparable to a Sherline or Taig lathe, but has a few nicer features. Runs on 120v so no need for high voltage or 3 phase power.

The spindle has PWM control and constant cutting speed works, the X and Z axis have steppers with encoders so it's a pseudo closed loop system, as long as there isn't a missed step between the parallel port and the stepper driver it will maintain the correct position.

I have the lathe mostly functional, there is an encoder on the spindle for threading but the encoder is wired to pins 4 and 5 which are outputs on the parallel card, so an adapter would be needed to move these to a pair of input pins, or the control would need to be rewired. There are some notes in the HAL file and a couple lines that are commented out that may allow threading to work.

I acquired the lathe for the challenge of integrating Linux CNC, now that I'm done I have no real need for the machine. It would be a good machine for a hobbyist or someone looking to get into CNC turning, or an opportunity to get threading working and pass it along to someone else.

I don't have a post processor for turning, but I have had some luck using the generic fanuc post in Fusion 3D with a handfull of manual edits. I can outline what those edits are if you'd like to modify the post processor.

I don't have any tooling to include in the sale, but I can borrow some tooling to demonstrate the machine cutting material. I do have a box of spare parts including a few tool holders and the original headstock and chuck.

The control software is installed on a Dell Dimension 3100 desktop PC with a Pentium 4 2.8ghz and the maximum supported 2 GB of RAM installed and a PCI-E parallel adapter. I'll include a monitor, keyboard and mouse. I've installed LinuxCNC version 2.6.1.

I'm asking $2000, but the price is negotiable. The minimum I'd accept is $1000 cash plus some trade items. Email with questions or offers. I'm not really interested in shipping, the machine weighs at least 100 lbs. If you want it shipped you're responsible for arranging packaging and shipping, I'll transport it anywhere in the Portland metro area.
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01 Mar 2019 15:48 #127432 by ayedurand
Replied by ayedurand on topic FOR SALE: MaxNC T2 Lathe
Hi, I've got a MaxNC T2 lathe as well. I'm just getting it going and would love to bootstrap off of your work. In particular the HAL would be great. I'm really confused about the step-servos and how the closed loop function is supposed to work.

In any case, thank you for whatever help you can give me.

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