Need a programmer for help with custom machine/interface

07 Jul 2019 06:58 #138775 by pl7i92
is this designed to get a GBRL output shield

or special output to a CAD/Cam system related Windows PC

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07 Jul 2019 15:03 - 07 Jul 2019 15:04 #138800 by blazini36
I'm not sure what you mean I don't know anything about grbl.

The photo I attached above is a daughter card I made for the DE10-Nano. The DE10-Nano is an "SOC-FPGA" dev board which means it has an FPGA chip that has ARM processor cores built into the chip. Machinekit is a fork of LinuxCNC geared towards this type of thing. The daughtercard just takes all of the GPIO pins and makes them usable for interfacing with a machine, like a Mesa card. The Machinekit guys have done some work with the Xylinx SOC-FPGA's too

If I had to make an analogy to what it all looks like in typical LinuxCNC style setup.....
DE10-Nano = Computer+Mesa 5i25
Daughter card = whatever the daughtercard is designed to do, maybe like a 7i76 or something. The only things I know of that are currently out there are a DB25 adapter and an adapter PCB to use with a CRAMPS board

Or maybe compare it to a Beagle bone black with a cape attached, but the IO is a bit more serious since it's FPGA driven.
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