Retrofitted tree 325 mill, 80t cnc press brake, flow 60kpsi 4'x4' waterjet - Hou

23 Nov 2020 05:04 #190096 by
I am moving to a new shop and have upgraded my tools.
I thought this might be the place to find a linuxcnc minded person who would like a machine tool.
I have for sale a retrofitted 60k psi 4'x4' flow waterjet. (3 phase 480)
80 ton 8 ft cnc nishinbo conformatic break (3 phase 230v)
tree 325 cnc cat 40 knee mill. (3 phase 230v)

All of these I retrofitted to run Linux cnc.
They are for sale as a package or individually to someone who can use them.

The waterjet and mill are straight forward, however, the press break is quite unique and could use somemore UI work.
These are best used by someone who has a reasonable knowledge of cnc systems and is looking for a functional system that they can get for a deal. I can provide assistance with repairs and maint as I know these machines backward and forwards since I retrofitted them.

They must go before I move (Dec 31st 2020).
For pictures and further details inquire.
Waterjet: 9500$ (includes intensifier, water table, cutting head, abrasive feed, chiller)
Tree 325 mill: $5000(5 hp, 6k rpm, cat 40, 14"x23" xy travel )
Press Brake: $5500(comes with some tooling)

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