Nitrile Gloves in the United States

13 Sep 2021 15:44 #220450 by ds.lithographie
Guys my company is a US importer of laboratory/workshop equipment. 

In case you or your workshop have a need for it,  here is our retail effort selling nitrile gloves. 

These are 3mil light-duty powder-free nitrile gloves great for hand protection in all kinds of CNC situations. Personally, I have been using it regularly while soldering, handling lubricants & adhesives. 

Our own brand, bear CE marking. EN 374-1 and 5 tested, proven permeation resistance against a range of harsh chemicals. Other specs meet or exceed equivalent US ASTM D6319 standard. Made in Thailand by GMP factory.

Order will be shipped from our Los Angeles warehouse via UPS Ground.

Use promo code LOADRT for site-wide non minimum purchase 10% OFF. Currently we assess sales tax only for shipping addresses within California. 

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13 Sep 2021 16:55 #220464 by tommylight
LOL @ promo code!
Normally this would be considered spam, but due to current situation and the consequent need for plastic gloves, leaving it.

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05 Apr 2023 12:47 - 10 Apr 2023 09:08 #268334 by dariokgladstone
I'm new here and I wanna add that as someone who works in a CNC workshop, I definitely appreciate the importance of good hand protection.
It's great to hear that your gloves are EN 374-1 and 5 tested for permeation resistance, and made in a GMP factory in Thailand. Plus, the fact that they meet or exceed the US ASTM D6319 standard is a big plus.
Also, check out these finger condoms because they are a lifesaver when it comes to handling harsh chemicals and other materials.
I'll be sure to check out your website and use that promo code for some discounted gloves. Thanks again for sharing and providing a reliable source for high-quality gloves!
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