Installing LinuxCNC on a Mesa 7i76e

04 Aug 2017 23:29 #97012 by jackdavies
Hey guys,

I have my 7i76e board ready to go, however I am pretty overwhelmed by the instal process. Whats the best way of getting up and running right now? Do I need to do anything different than following the basic tutorial found here?

I read that the instal process is different for the 7i76e version. Is that still true?

Thanks for the help!
04 Aug 2017 23:34 #97013 by PCW
I think the current easiest way is to install the Debian Stretch/LinuxCNC-Uspace test ISO

(I would chose the first image)
12 Aug 2017 20:34 #97399 by Moronicsmurf
Tested these images on a J1900 Celeron system (cheap ass mini box from ebay) the jitter on servo thread went from 350.000 to 2200... :dry:

Now just figuring out how to setup the 7i76E i guess.
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