Install of linuxcnc-dev on debian stretch. Can't do install. Run-in-place works.

14 Nov 2017 00:42 #101750 by Stephanisk
Hi everyone,

I need a little help. I installed the debian stretch image and that worked perfect. I do want to use the developer version 2.8 as i have a gantry machine XYYZA and already made complete hal files for this on another computer with 2.8.

I was able after a looooonnnnggggg while to get the installation of 2.8 done following the building linuxcnc thread. I am able to run it by using ./scripts/rip-environment but i would like to have an install on my computer not only the run-in-place.

I see there is a debian section to make an install instead of a run in place. I got that to work too and followed:
> sudo apt-get install dpkg-dev
> cd linuxcnc-dev/debian
> ./configure uspace
> cd ..
> dpkg-buildpackage -b -uc

but than what? when i do this i still got the run-in-place but if i go to the menu and start linuxCNC i still get the 2.7.11 version. (strangely enough i yesterday did the 2.8 install on wheezy and than i did get it to replace the old 2.7 version, hell i don't know how i did it yesterday and today on stretch i can not manage)

I can honestly say i have tried pretty much everything i could come up with (with my very limited knowledge of linux) but i tried following the guide for installing linuxcnc on mint. where i found the command debuild -uc -us but when i do that it executes but doesn't change anything. Still linuxcnc 2.8 when i run ./scripts/rip-environment and start linuxcnc from terminal. But in menu remains to be 2.7.11. So i still have 2 versions of linuxcnc on my system.

I have been trying to run sudo make install but than i get the answer that my configure is with run in place and not for install. i tried to add --without-run-in-place but that is mentioned an unknown parameter and ignored by the system.

All the build dependencies i got solved so that is not an issue, all are installed.

I hope someone can give me the answer to what the correct commands are after building a debian package how to get it installed. Cause i am out of my league here. I hope i gave enough information to what the problem is. I am pretty sure it is just one extra command i need to type in the terminal, just can not find anywhere what it is.

Thanks in advance
14 Nov 2017 02:50 #101754 by PCW
AFAIK ( which in not much concerning debs ), those instructions just build the deb
but dont install it. I think you need

sudo dpkg -i ( deb_filename )
14 Nov 2017 02:54 #101756 by Stephanisk
Alright. Nice ... Thx..

But what would be the deb_filename? Cause when I do all these instructions, I don't see any specific name mentioned.
14 Nov 2017 04:29 #101758 by ozzyrob
From memory the debs should be in the directory above the build directory.........look for something like linuxcnc-somethingorother.deb
20 Nov 2017 16:47 #102066 by andypugh
You don't need to do any of that. You can just install 2.8 as a package from the buildbot.
09 Jun 2018 17:26 #112079 by bvsn125
I'm new to Raspberry pi 3 and i needed to install linuxcnc on it for milling operation. I was not able to install linuxcnc on my raspberry pi 3 . Can you please explain the procedure of installation of Linuxcnc on Raspberry pi 3.
I'm currently in ubuntu mate so will it work in ubuntu mate or do i need to install Raspbian stretch to install Linuxcnc.
Plz someone help.
09 Jun 2018 17:39 #112081 by Stephanisk

I gave up trying to get it to work on raspberry, I am working on normal computers with linuxcnc. Maybe someone else can help you with it, but I wouldn't get my hopes.up. I never could get it to work.

09 Jun 2018 22:57 #112096 by ozzyrob
Machinekit might be a better option, based on Linuxcnc it appears to have more active development for single board computers.

Install Stretch and have a look at the following links.
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