Converting from a RIP style install to a package installation-errors?

07 Nov 2018 01:14 #120136 by Xnke
SO I am following the instructions for installing the realtime Preempt-RT kernel and LinuxCNC on Linux Mint 19 with Cinnamon DE. I had a few hiccups here and there but the RIP installation works. Latency is still too high to suit me, but I have a LOT of things to work on there.

However when I go to convert my RIP install to a deb package install, I get the following error:

I've tried creating a file named Master_Documentation.pdf, but it doesn't help anything. There is no .pdf in the directory, just .txt and .xml files. What can I do about this?
08 Nov 2018 08:59 #120241 by AnnoyingMutt
Maybe the issue is this line containing this text:

missing configuration file: /etc/asciidoc/dblatex/asciidoc-dblatex.xsl

A missing dependency ?
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