is out of service

27 Nov 2018 20:08 #121487 by dlu
hi all,

I can't open web page.

28 Nov 2018 05:27 #121513 by snoozer77
I noticed the same thing and was wondering if it was just me.

Been trying for a couple of days.

Anyone know what is happening?
28 Nov 2018 09:20 #121516 by tommylight
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28 Nov 2018 21:00 - 28 Nov 2018 21:05 #121553 by Grotius
Hmm, I mentioned also www.highlab for how to set up the Linuxmint tutorial is also offline. Here you can get
.deb packages for kernel's. This save's you time. And also Rtai 64 bit for linuxcnc was only there.
They must make a donate section here on this forum, then we can pay for extra userspace and don't have to worry about
thing's that are suddenly gone. I told that to someone here on the forum a few week's ago. Maybe Andy can help to set this up.
A few year's ago on other forum, the server broke up. There was no backup. Hhaah.
Almost everything was gone. How is this forum hosted? Does it have a seperate backup system?
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29 Nov 2018 07:07 #121579 by dlu

This morning is working.

05 Dec 2018 06:45 #121849 by snoozer77
looks to be down again??
05 Dec 2018 06:57 #121851 by tommylight
It is working now.
05 Dec 2018 09:45 #121855 by snoozer77
yep, cheers Tommy.
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