Old intel D525MW and linuxcnc install issues

27 Nov 2022 23:02 #257792 by red07g5

I've been trying to install linuxcnc on a D525MW intel board for a few days now and not really having good luck. I think I finally have something working, but I'm not sure it's entirely correct or up to date.

For some reason installing any form of debian buster on this board doesn't work. If I try the latest live image I can get it to install, but it's always a black screen after booting. I tried using this image here

Thinking I might have a non-free driver issue, I tried installing a non-free DVD image of buster, but that still has the same black screen after boot issue. Doesn't matter if I use recovery mode or not, always a black screen. I've tried nomodeset with no improvement.

Moving on, I tried installing a wheezy image I found, that works and boots, I can finally run the latency test. I used the image found here.

But, I get much higher latency than I expected to get based on the table I found here

I see ~50K jitter on the 1ms thread, and ~100K on the 25us thread, I don't think this is very usable?

So, the table says results were with ubuntu 10.04, which I think is Squeeze? So, more searching and I found something promising on linuxcnc.org/iso/

I installed ubuntu-10.04-linuxcnc3-i386.iso, and it works. My max jitter seems to be down to ~22K 1ms, and 38K 25us which is an improvement. I wonder if this is as good as I can expect? I've disabled hyperthreading in the bios, as well as everything else I don't think necessary.

So from here I wonder what I can do to get it any closer to the results on the latency test page if anything, and if it's possible to upgrade to the latest version of linuxcnc? I don't think I have SMI issues as I don't think I've got high regular intervals, and from other searching I'm not sure if I need to worry about disabling a CPU core as I'm using linuxcnc >2.6.x?

Thank you in advance for any advise!

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27 Nov 2022 23:55 #257799 by tommylight
I think you should make a config, wire stuff and start testing.
See how that goes and what you can do with it, then decide if it is worth chasing latency.
Even 300000 latency can be usable for very slow software stepping, the only important thing is does it serve you well with what you can get.

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15 Mar 2023 17:24 #266768 by red07g5
I finally managed to get 2.8.4/buster to install on the D525MW. Used to be I could install and it would never boot, just stuck at a black screen. I found that there was a bios update that applied to my board, installed that and I can finally install and boot 2.8.4. The bios version I am using is 0132, in case anyone else ever has this issue, google MWPNT10N.86A.0132.EB.ZIP for the file since intel doesn't host any longer.

Since I finally got the latest version of linuxcnc to work, I bought a 7I96S because I very highly doubt I'd be happy with any kind of slow stepping let alone the extremely slow type I believe I'd be stuck with with such latency.

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