Missing header file

08 Dec 2022 04:11 #258869 by ALANMTHOMASON

I am trying to build from source on a BeagleBone Black.  The configure process was successful.  But the make step is not sucessful.

After some time, I receive the following error:
rtapi/rtapi_io.h:39:12: fatal error: sys/io.h: No such file or directory

I can't find an io.h ...does anyone know where this should be?  The compiler directives in rtapi_io.h are looking for MODULE

#ifndef RTAPI_IO_H
#define RTAPI_IO_H

#define RTAPI_IO        // for disabling parts of header files

#include "config.h"        // build configuration
#include "rtapi.h"        // these functions

#ifdef MODULE
#    include <asm/io.h>        /* inb(), outb() */
#  else
#    include <sys/io.h>        /* inb(), outb() */
#  endif
#  include <sys/io.h>        /* inb(), outb() */

#ifdef RTAPI_IO

Does anyone have any experience with this issue?

Thanks,  Alan

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08 Dec 2022 23:56 #258938 by andypugh
Replied by andypugh on topic Missing header file
It seems that you need <asm-generic/io.h>

It might be the case that inb() and outb() are not supported on the BBB.

rtapi is a shim layer to allow the same code to use several different realtime systems. it creates the functions rtapi_inb() and rtapi_outb() mapped to the appropriate functions on the platform:


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