Unofficial RPI4 LinuxCNC 2.9 Image, DietPi, BookWorm, Kernel 6.3 / 6.4

20 May 2023 19:33 #271773 by garlicbread
I thought I'd put this on a seperate thread for anyone interested
I've recently put together an unofficial linux image for the RPI4
It's using DietPi, Realtime Kernel 6.3 and LinuxCNC 2.9
I've also put a realtime version of Linux 6.4.0-rc2 on there as well but I don't think it makes much of a difference.
DietPi uses Raspian as a basis so anything available under Raspian I think should also be installable.

Download link for the sd image is:

I've also put some details on how to set it up here:
It also contains all the steps on how it was created for reference.

At some point I might have a look at Armbian as well, although it looks as if it's config utilities are less developed / further along

It does look as if they have some interesting kernel patches though which I've not tried out
RPI4 -
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20 May 2023 20:38 - 20 May 2023 20:40 #271777 by rodw
Great work!

Armbian-build  is actually very flexible but you need to be looking at the developer docs :)
The most interesting is the user configurations section. These let you lock your config down

So after you clone armbian-build you need to build a full image once. (No need for PREEMPT_RT)
This installs all the required software and sets up the environment. It also creates the userpatches folder.
​​​​After this initial build, install the image. From then on just build the kernel Debs and install that on your Pi as its sooo much faster.
So any customisations you do should go in userpatches

One quicker option is to just build the CLI, check latency with cyclic-test and install XFCE on the Pi if you think it's good enough...

Once you get this right, build the whole image or just share your custom config file 
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