LinuxCNC on Fedora39

07 Mar 2024 09:48 #295382 by Loftsy
LinuxCNC on Fedora39 was created by Loftsy
Hi! New LinuxCNC user here.

The LinuxCNC live CD is working great for me and this is definitely the best way to get started.

I plan to do some coding so I wanted to have the same platform as my main computer which is Fedora. I spent quite a lot of time unsuccessfully trying to get a kernel with CONFIG_PREEMPT_RT_FULL working. Then I came across easy instructions. I thought other users may find this info useful.

There is a COPR repo by dwrobel  which documents the steps required to install a rt kernel and linuxcnc-uspace. The rt kernel is actually coming from CentOS 9 and will be well tested.

I then marked the rt kernel as the default to boot:
sudo grubby --set-default=/boot/vmlinuz-5.14.0-427.el9.x86_64+rt

With no other tuning latency-test gives me around 100,000ns jitter on my Intel NUC which I think will be OK for my application with a Mesa 7i96s card.


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07 Mar 2024 11:17 #295392 by tommylight
Replied by tommylight on topic LinuxCNC on Fedora39
Nice, thank you.
I did try Fedora a while back, it is very good and very usable on a tablet PC, the thing that keeps me from using it is slow boot time (not very important) and the fact i use Debian derived distros for over 20 years.
Fedora is gaining popularity lately, a lot, so it is nice to have the option for machine control.

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