Upgrading my Centroid

13 Apr 2024 00:48 #298151 by cornholio
Replied by cornholio on topic Upgrading my Centroid
I gunna go out on a limb and suggest it’s not a Zip drive but an old IDE mechanical drive.
In actual fact I did a google search for centroid linuxcnc and it turned up a thread from about 2010.
There was no mention regarding of “linuxcnc being under the hood” but rather it was along the the lines of replacing the centroid hardware with hardware compatible with linuxcnc.
Like I said before if Centroid does use Linuxcnc they should provide the GPL’d source, if they won’t its either Linuxcnc is not part of Centroid or they are being naughty boys and girls.
My guess is it’s closed source hardware and closed source application.
Have you contacted Centroid regarding Linuxcnc or asked the question on the Centroid forums ? As this is more likely to give the answer you need, which may not be the answer you want.
The only way to “upgrade” to linuxcnc may be a wholesale replacement of the PC that runs the show, replacement of electronics up to the servo or stepper drivers. This of course will mean a loss of the GUI you are use to, and learning how to use and configure Linuxcnc and a lot of beer tokens.

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