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03 Aug 2021 03:02 - 03 Aug 2021 03:21 #216776 by cakeslob
I just though it might be easier for new people like me self to find linuxcnc specific 3d printing information , as there isnt exactly a template/standard and the information available is usually cryptic and decentralized. The other thread seems more 3d printing related. If anyone has some good info please do post it.
If the other users who are already doing 3dprinting, could share their config, comps, or electrical hardware setups that would be appreciated.
scotta has a pretty good repo on 3d printing, aswell as the remora firmware, im still new with remora so ill leave it to someone more appropriate

-Linuxcnc and 3d printing-
CRAMPS : pretty sure this is the only board specifically designed for linuxcnc/machinekit.
Although it looks dated compared to newer 3dprinter boards, it remains a solid board still. I own one but not on a 3d printer, and it is a very nice, compact unit. it was exactly what I wanted, a 3.3v RAMPS shield I could put on a smarter brain. Its what I still want today, except a mesa driver version
The config is for machinekit, but that is minor changes.

This is a setup guide for CRAMPS I found helpful before. It is dated in the sense it lacks the frills of modern 3dprinting, and it is for machinekit but not radically machinekit so it is still very relevent to linuxcnc.

This is a setup guide for cramps from one of the machinekit guys. this guide is very machinekit specific, and might not be too relevant to linuxcnc. but they have neat stuff going on , and a tomato is still a fruit at the end of the day.
--- HOSTMOT2 (aka something fpga) :
I always on the lookout for 3d printing related fpga setups, the ones I have found have some pretty interesting setups

This guy is running a mojov3 spartan6 dev board for 3d printing with hostmot2 loaded onto it, and an rpi3. The mojov3 tailored hostmot2 makes use of the onboard arduino, and uses it as adc channels. His newer revisions appear to use the driver board of a duet3d, which appear to be all spi channels now. There also appears to be an I2C comp with io expander

--hostmot2 for mojov3 using spartan6

--hostmot2 for alchitry au using the xilinx xc7a35t

--his branch has all the related comps.
--Trinamic tmc26x bspi driver. As far as I understand this is for hostmot2 and not running directly from rpi spi channel

--i2c comp

--max31855 thermocouple to spi driver bspi component (i think this is different than the standard linuxcnc one)

--i2c io exopander for SX1509B

This is another interesting setup. It is a pretty hard machinekit setup, but I think the hostmot2 portions should still be usable. This setup involves a modified cramps shield, a de10-nano, which uses an altera SOC, and an ultramiyir board with xilinx soc, both are fpga with an arm core. As memory serves, they run machinekit on the arm portion, and a modified/trimmed version of hostmot2 loaded to the fpga core to control the io. Interesting but a separate topic.

There is even a fancy gui for configuring the trinamic stepper drives on spi, but i think it is using the machinekit gui qt-quick implementation

Trinamic TMC2660 bspi stepper driver for hostmot2, as far as I can tell at least. still trying to see how different the tmc26x and tmc26xx are from the tmc5160, and tmc2130
just some resources ive found here and there

Saw this one on hackaday a while ago

This one seems pretty clean and well done. It comes in the form of a component and has a glade gui also. dont know how it preforms and it is for machinekit. 
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04 Sep 2021 23:32 #219637 by tommylight
Here is a "work in progress" config for CoreXY printers for LinuxCNC using a parallel port.
So far only X and Y axis are set up, but they work as normal XY axis in joint and world mode so homing is same as any normal XY machine and so are the limit switches. All the translation to AB corexy is done in hal and transparent during use.
It is modified a bit to work and it is normally included with LinuxCNC but not easy for new users to make it work.

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01 Nov 2021 21:07 #224916 by lynardskinner
 I have been 3d printing with Linuxcnc for about 2 years. I started with BOB then moved on to a 7i96 board.
My setup is an FT5 conversion. A ramps is used to control the hot end and bed. I use coolant G code to turn it on
and off in Linuxcnc. Marlin is used for the heaters controlled by an additional lcd screen. I created a customized QT screen to run the printer. TB6600 stepper drivers, voltage regulator for the ramps board and a Optiflex 780 computer. The Z axis has a single motor and belt with bearings. The slicer I use is iDeaMaker using the post process modified for Linuxcnc.
  The bad is if the heaters fault out the machine will keep running. The good is the heaters will turn off when the program is finished. The BOB was to slow but the 7i96 Mesa board runs quicker than the time the Slicer quotes the job to run.
  Thanks for starting Additive Manufacturing in this forum. Sorry for the late posting.

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01 Nov 2021 22:37 #224926 by tommylight
Pretty sure something can be done in hal to monitor the temps and fault if the temps do not go to setpoint in due time, or if they do not cool down in timely manner, probably using timedelay, setpoint, near... components maybe?
Or doing a comp that will monitor delta temp vs delta time, both rising and falling?

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06 Nov 2021 11:19 #225494 by bobo13
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06 Nov 2021 11:38 #225497 by rodw

  The bad is if the heaters fault out the machine will keep running. 

You could look at connecting the error pin to halui.program.pause as that will allow you to resume.

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13 Nov 2021 22:26 #226375 by lynardskinner
Thanks for the tips guy's. I will see what I can come up with.

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