Examples of Remora with a 3d printer

25 Apr 2023 17:49 #269876 by EricKeller
Remora seems to be a pretty good way of building a small(?) 3d printer.  Unfortunately finding information is a bit slim.  There is this repository , but is there anything else?

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26 Apr 2023 17:38 #269988 by cakeslob
If you were looking for hardware configuration examples,
We have these premade/sample configs for Scotts brand of printer the hypercube, and some drop in replacement configurations for the ender3, plus a few others, if thats what you mean.

This is the remora standard ender3 configuration for linuxcnc side

These are samples of the firmware configuration for 3d printers, these are the ones that need to match your hardware board. I dont remember who got what hardware boards, but if your board isnt there, or your having trouble let me know and I can help out.

Yeah, sorry, there arent too many user posting their personal setups, but there are a few on github and in the forks that I can link you to after work. I think users aaron and dlure have some of their configurations in github forks.

But these are valuable notes that I will use to improve the docs

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26 Apr 2023 20:22 #270000 by EricKeller
Thanks, I got an SKR V1.4, do you think I need to change the firmware at all?

I was trying to figure out how the extruder and bed pre-heat works from those files and failed to gain any understanding.

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27 Apr 2023 01:07 #270026 by cakeslob
Ok, for the hearter and bed, they are compartmentalized into a separate hal file

In the hal file, the remora.PV.x for example would be a thermister input
and remora.SP.x would be some kind of output like PWM

I dont play with heaters to much, but its a PID comp, I just use scotts so I dont need to hal anything

We now need to link these halpins to our hardware, we do that in the config.txt
Since you have the 1.4, we can look to the SKR1.4 sample file. It may need some custom tayloring to your exact setup
	"Thread": "Servo",
	"Type": "PWM",
		"Comment": 			"Bed heater PWM",
		"SP[i]": 			0,
		"PWM Pin": 			"2.5"
so from this config file, for example
We load a PWM module, and we will call it bed heater
"SP": 0"
This is where we link it to the linuxcnc hal file. so this PWM will be connected to remora.SP.0
"PWM Pin": "2.5"
This sets the physical pin on the skr1.4, so pin 2.5 will be the heater pin

So Pin 2.5 is the physical pin, which is connected to remora.SP.0

	"Thread": "Servo",
	"Type": "Temperature",
		"Comment": 			"Bed tenperature sensor",
		"PV[i]": 			0,
		"Sensor": 			"Thermistor",
				"Pin": 		"0.25",
				"beta": 	3990,
				"r0": 		100000,
				"t0": 		25

We do the same thing with the thermister, where PV : 0 is connected to the hal pin remora.PV.0, which is connected to the physical SKR1.4 pin 0.25

Yeah, you will need to load the remora firmware on to the Skr1.4, I didnt have time to load all the firmware, but it will be pretty easy. It looks like something messed up when I was doing the documents, because I cant find updated docs for the SKR1.4, so in the meantime refer to the skr1.3 docs

download this firmware to the root of the sd card, as well as your config file, and that should should be it for firmware.

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02 May 2023 16:54 #270494 by EricKeller
Thanks, I got it wired up fine and loading firmware. At least it changes the extension on the firmware file to ".cur" I think I'm going to get it to run with a router first and then figure out the 3d printer specific issues.
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