3D printer RAMPS1.4 conversion

17 Nov 2023 15:24 #285745 by Guardiola
Hello everybody, I've been reading this forum for a few weeks by now so first of all i want to thank you all for your indirect enlightment to my mind, specially the mod/admins that are really helpful to everybody.

Now to the point haha, i got a homemade 3D printer done by a friend a while ago and i reconstructed it into something actually capable of printing, the machine has basicaly all the hardware of a Prusa I3, to say, Arduino Mega, RAMPS1.4 with A4988 drivers and NEMA17 clone steppers.
My plan is to adapt it without needing any new components to be able to run via parport with LinuxCNC.
So far I'm making some solid advances, I implemented arduino-connector from this site  GitHub - AlexmagToast/LinuxCNC_ArduinoConnector  (thanks to the creator btw, it's really straight forward) to be able to reuse the Arduino to read the thermistors with its analog inputs (just to clarify, i'm using a Nano instead so i don't have to reflash the Mega if i want to switch back) and i used this  GitHub - cdsteinkuehler/LinuxCNC-RepRap  as a base to make the HAL config for it to be able to control the temperature with an ON/OFF system (i'll implement PID later) and i'd like to implement this amazin surface mapping later  LinuxCNC-3D-Printing/compensation at master · scottalford75 .

After the introduction i want to ask you guys what do you think and a few more questions:
  1. When i made the temperature reading i've been having a strange situation where i can create all the pins and basically execute all the HAL file through HALCMD line by line but if i try to do it all at once it gives an error saying that the arduino ai.pin don't exist, if i execute that line again it works and everyone is happy. Could it be because arduino-connector is a usr component and not a real time one and it takes some time to actually be available for the program? (I'll try to get to the LCNC computer later and upload the file)
  2. The most important, i still haven't implemented the basic config files to use a 3D printer (switch the Z and A axes to get the travel optimization, implement the M codes somehow, etc.), is there a "go to" config files that i didn't see? i've found a few of configs posted but i don't know what's the best to chose. 
Thanks again and sorry for my english, greetings from Argentina 

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20 Nov 2023 18:41 #286077 by andypugh
The problem with arduino-connector is probably as you say, you should be able to bypass it using the -Wn option in the "loadusr" line.

-Wn {name} waits for a component with a name matching {name} to declare hal_ready() so should do the trick.

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21 Nov 2023 22:52 #286203 by Guardiola
Mhmm... It seems like you're right but the arduino-connector module is not giving a "ready" response somehow, when i feel like it i'll debug it and comment it here.


And about the 2nd question, do you know if there is any config that's recommended as a start for 3D printing? (I'll tag @tommylight since he seems to have at least 750 printers)
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23 Nov 2023 20:54 #286370 by cakeslob
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06 Dec 2023 11:39 #287347 by Guardiola
Thank you! I'll check it, it looks really good.

I thought Machinekit was another thing entirely, now i have more to look at.

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