Does the 3d Preview for LinuxCNC now work?

25 Feb 2014 11:18 - 25 Feb 2014 11:28 #44164 by jm82792
jm82792 created the topic: Does the 3d Preview for LinuxCNC now work?
I've been lurking and waiting for this to mature enough for me to use it.
I'm over finding old Atom computers on ebay, dealing with latency figures, and so forth.
Is the 3d preview now working? Also, I'm assuming the cape from Probotix is the way to go since it's electrically (protected?) isolated the Beagle Bone Black? It appears the board has PMinMO headers?
I'll be hopefully owning my second 3 axis stepper driven machine.
It's a really basic acme driven machine, so I presume it's easy to setup just like the stock Linux CNC distro is for x86 based computers?
Is there anything I should watch out for when transitioning over?
Thanks for your patience and help,
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25 Feb 2014 11:39 #44166 by cmorley
cmorley replied the topic: Does the 3d Preview for LinuxCNC now work?
I'm not an expert but passing info I have seen:

hardware accelerate graphics - no
(preview does work)

easy as x86 to set up - no
(eg stepconf does not work for BBB)

There are many capes.

Further more this requires custom kernels and code that is not mainstream yet.
This code has not been incorporated into linuxcnc (officially) yet.
Docs are lacking and the code is changing rapidly.

While it works and is being used more and more - it is still in unstable/developer stage.

I don't wish to discourage you, just warning you that x86 is far more stable/and user friendly.

Charles is on the forefront of BBB :

Chris M
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25 Feb 2014 11:51 #44168 by jm82792
jm82792 replied the topic: Does the 3d Preview for LinuxCNC now work?
Thanks for you opinion on it as I am trying to run a small business and don't want to wrestle with random issues that might transpire. Plus material is expensive so one gaff can coast me a quick $30.
I'll continue to wait as the machine won't be here for a month or two, then I'll reevaluate, and for the time being use my decade old P4 desktop :)
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