CRAMPS boards in limited production

11 Jul 2014 11:01 #48633 by jmelson
jmelson created the topic: CRAMPS boards in limited production
I just wanted to let everybody know that Pico Systems has Charles Steinkuehler's CRAMPS board in
limited production. I'm doing the surface mount stuff on my pick & place machine, but all the
through hole headers, connectors, etc. are still being done by hand. I'm working on some
mass-soldering techniques using a solder pot, but that will probably take a couple more
weeks to get working right. I can still make 5-10 units a week at this time.

for more info.

If you don't know what the CRAMPS is, it can take 6 Pololu-style stepper drivers,
and has 4 analog inputs, several PWM outputs for heaters and fans, and
six limit switch inputs. There's more, too, but those are the major functions.
It plugs onto the Beagle Bone, and is supported by a cofig file set in the
machinekit distribution of LinuxCNC.

It is aimed mostly at 3D printers, but could probably run a small mill or
mini-router as well.

25 Aug 2014 06:56 #50246 by jmelson
jmelson replied the topic: CRAMPS boards in limited production
Just an update, we are now in full scale production, with a test fixture to test all functions
of the board.

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