Captive nut, made on an EMCO 120P

04 Mar 2016 04:21 #71011 by tome
This may be a right of passage. Or perhaps just a fun waste of time :laugh: . Made this captive nut on the EmcoTurn 120P today:
It came out better than I expected. In fact, it took me a couple minutes under a microscope to find the "trick", and I knew generally where it was!

04 Mar 2016 11:41 #71018 by cncbasher
nicely done !
05 Mar 2016 04:20 #71077 by cmorley
What no pic of it undone?
05 Mar 2016 15:30 - 05 Mar 2016 15:44 #71087 by tome

cmorley wrote: What no pic of it undone?

Did Houdini reveal his tricks? Did David Copperfield give his audience a picture if his methods? I think not. :-)

On the other hand, I am no magician

And here is a video of it being opened:
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