Fusion 360 Plasma / Laser Post Processor

06 Jul 2018 06:40 #113535 by rjd1234
I am using Fusion 360 and LinuxCNC for a plasma that I built, but I couldn't find a post processor... so I ended up modifying an existing one. I'm not a programmer and I'm sure there are errors with this file, but I thought I would post this and give someone more knowledgeable than me a starting point.

I have noticed a problem that when there are multiple parts to cut out (in an array for example), it doesn't turn off the plasma or laser in between... so you end up with some extra cuts that you don't want. I don't have that many duplicate parts to cut out so I just go in and add a few M5 codes manually. That works, but it would be nice if the post processor managed it properly.
06 Jul 2018 08:37 #113546 by tommylight
That can also be due to lines not being disconnected in the drawing so it no way of adding M5.
Can you upload a gcode file or a screenshot of linuxcnc with that gcode ?
06 Jul 2018 15:09 #113573 by rjd1234
GCode attached.
06 Jul 2018 20:06 #113601 by tommylight
There is nothing in that post processor to turn on or off the plasma or laser! But still somehow it is adding M3 to start of cuts and missing the M5 at the end of cuts.
There has to be something there to add those like:

function setDeviceMode(enable) {
if (enable != deviceOn) {
deviceOn = enable;
if (enable) {
writeln("M3 (---Plasma on---)");
} else {
writeln("M5 (
Plasma off

That is just an example and i do not know if it will work, but there are post procesors for plasma on the net so search and find something that works, even ones for Mach3 should work with some modifications.
07 Jul 2018 02:09 #113623 by rjd1234
I think this is the section:

function onPower(power) {
writeBlock(mFormat.format(power ? 3 : 5)); // plasma on/off
writeBlock(gFormat.format(04), "P 0.5"); // pause for plasma to start

I used the tormach post as a starting point and made modifications.

I'm not sure why the on works, but the off doesn't.

I wish I could add the Fusion 360 file, but this forum won't accept that file format. I think there may be something in the way I'm setting up the file.
07 Jul 2018 12:37 #113663 by BigJohnT
Compress the file into a zip file.

23 Jul 2018 15:11 #114711 by rjd1234
Sorry... I was in Alaska without internet, but I'm back now.

Here is the file in .zip format.
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