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16 Feb 2016 07:58 #70229 by frayja2002
Hi there.

May a dumb noobie question but I have just done a new install of the latest version of linuxcnc & configured it for gmoccapy.

I have copied over the demo macros from the sim setup I was playing with & set them up in my ini file.
When I press the go_to_position button at the bottom of the page, the first time it goes to g54 0,0,0.
If I press the button again it shades out and just sits there ( like its waiting for input)

I have setup linuxcnc in a virtual machine & I get the input dialog boxes.
Can someone give an insight on where to start diagnosing this. Ive read the gmoccapy wiki & it doesn't really talk about how the input boxes are generated.

For any assistance with this

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