Help user Tabs and Gremlin View [Features / Probe]

25 Apr 2016 22:58 - 25 Apr 2016 22:59 #73876 by cncnoob1979
I have edited my user tabs- Features and Work with Probe as user tabs in Gmoccapy. I love the way it has the potential to turn out. However I can not seem to figure out why the gremlin views do not update when a program is refreshed in the views.

In the below video I demonstrate what is happening.

Sorry first time with Kazam and trying to figure it out too!

Is there interest in this? I can post my current configs ect if so. I'm not a programmer but I can muck around once I see what/why things happen.

I would be delighted if someone could point me in the right direction to read up on multiple gremlin views and how to implement this in python. I bet there is a programmer just waiting for the next challenge? :whistle: lol


Skip around 40 seconds ahead unless you just love to watch my machine home!
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