gmoccapy file update problem

23 Nov 2016 19:10 #83186 by auto-mation-assist
Unfortunately right now entering glade-gtk2 in a terminal as both a regular user and as sudo only gives: "command not found". I can only guess that that there are differences in my and your installed software versions and dependencies that cause this command not to be valid. I will try to find out if there are missing gtk2 items.
24 Nov 2016 15:04 #83221 by andypugh
See if it is to be found in the "developer" menu.
26 Nov 2016 04:18 - 26 Nov 2016 09:52 #83325 by auto-mation-assist
"andypugh: See if it is to be found in the "developer" menu." It shows up in the "programming" menu item in LMDE-2 Mint. But it cannot not be run as glade-gtk2 since that is not able to be installed due conflicts with other dependencies that have apparently upgraded to newer versions. I have just rebuilt my development machine and installed glade-gtk2 successfully on it, still using LMDE-2 Mint, with cinnamon desktop. I will rebuild the computer that runs my milling machine next so that it will also allow glade-gtk2 v3.8.5 to be installed.

I followed newbynobi instructions on copying of files and also an another that places *.png image files in usr/share/glade3/pixman/ folder.

With there are missing items, while other ,glade files that I checked showed no missing items. Thus I suspect that the missing items are not in the distribution of gmoccapy or may need to be upgraded to compatible ones if that turns out to be the primary issue. I would like to obtain the files for the missing items and have attached a short file that lists these items as provided by glade-gtk2. If anyone has these available I would very much like to obtain a copy of them. This list is generated as soon as glade-gtk2 starts so I think that these may not be gmoccapy related.

Here are the changes I'm trying to implement in gmoccapy " auto mode to run programs" function. I would like to add a "close program" button and re-arrange some buttons into this order on the bottom from left to right: "close program", "load program", "stop program", "run program, "pause program".
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29 Nov 2016 00:41 #83412 by auto-mation-assist
Installing glade-gtk2 on my operational computer has not been fruitful. The probelm I have been trying to cure for myself appears to be maily due to gtk+. I was able to get a lot of Icons to show in glade editor by installing the required gmoccapy version of gtk+ (Ithink it was 2.16) and linking the image files to it, but something in the new configuration caused the computer not to be able to reboot into a gui. All that was available was tty mode.
It appeared that no executable program would run anymore. I rebuild the machine several times but got the same result. So going backwards in time is likely to cause some problems. I may at some point set up a old computer just for glade work but right now I'm more interested to see if wxWidgets can be used to interface with linuxcnc and used as a gui editor.
29 Nov 2016 13:46 #83430 by andypugh

fairngs wrote: Installing glade-gtk2 on my operational computer has not been fruitful.

What OS are you using?

I have been using Glade-gtk2 on my Debian Wheezy (live-CD install) system without problems.
30 Nov 2016 05:41 #83474 by auto-mation-assist
Right now I'm running LMDE-2 Mint with Cinnamon desktop based on Debian Jessy. I have Glade-gtk2 working OK now on my development computer so I can edit now using glade-gtk2. I'm guessing that my newer faster 8 CPU computer had some kind of a software conflict that could be related to the sequence used for software installation. I had to rebuild it from scratch and cannot take that computer off line for further testing for a while since it runs a milling machine that I need to use for a 4th axis project.
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