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28 Jan 2017 22:30 #86862 by Holzwurm56
Holzwurm56 created the topic: Change Design Goccapy
its possible to change the design of Gmoccapy? Is there a manual available?


29 Jan 2017 10:22 #86892 by cmorley
cmorley replied the topic: Change Design Goccapy
It is possible - you can change anything you like in linuxcnc.
Depending on how much you wish to change,
you need to know about python, pygtk and GLADE.

There is also Gscreen which caters more to customisations which may or may not be appropriate depending on what kind of changes you want and how independent to linuxcnc updates you hope to be.

There is no detailed manual for this.
There is a very basic overview here:
Gmoccapy uses similar techniques.

Chris M
29 Jan 2017 13:02 #86901 by newbynobi
newbynobi replied the topic: Change Design Goccapy

if you do mention what changes you need, or like, may be others share your opinion and it will be implemented by default.
See gmoccapy_plasma, it is standard gmoccapy with user changes ;-)

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