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30 Jan 2017 12:13 #86959 by Chre9
Chre9 created the topic: Disable Jog-Buttons
Hey guys,

I have a question concerning the jog buttons in gmoccapy:
Is it possible to disable single jog buttons and turn them grey when the axis is not enabled?
axis.0.jog-enable could be used for example.

Thanks in advance!
30 Jan 2017 18:33 #86989 by newbynobi
newbynobi replied the topic: Disable Jog-Buttons
Yes, that is possible, but you will need to edit the glade file.
I will add in future release the possibility to hide all jog button, but I was not thinking about disabling only some of them.

It is not as easy as it sound, just to take only the pin, as the GUI should not connect hal pin by itself, as that could lead to several other problems.

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02 Feb 2017 09:41 #87145 by Chre9
Chre9 replied the topic: Disable Jog-Buttons
Ok, I think I'll leave that out then, as I'm not really experienced working with glade.

Thanks for your quick answer! :)
02 Feb 2017 11:46 #87147 by newbynobi
newbynobi replied the topic: Disable Jog-Buttons
Are you using master, or 2.7?
In Master it is possible to hide all jog button just adding a INI settings.

Just change the line
DISPLAY = gmoccapy

to be:
DISPLAY = gmoccapy -logo /path_to_a_valid_logo_file

valid files are png ; bmp ; jpg ; gif

I added that feature to allow machine integrators to hide the jogging button and display in that area their own logo.

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