Using a gamepad

27 Jul 2017 17:36 #96583 by McAdam
McAdam created the topic: Using a gamepad
So I recently got my machine up and running using standard LinuxCNC distro.
I spent a while setting up a gamepad (controller) to jog my machine about and all was well.
Soon after I decided to use Gmoccapy and the gamepad stopped working.
I forgot about it quite quickly till today when I was doing a clean up and found the gamepad!

So, any way to get a gamepad that was working fine with Axis to work with Gmoccapy?
27 Jul 2017 18:23 #96588 by newbynobi
newbynobi replied the topic: Using a gamepad
Yes, it should work, as that is no gmoccapy problem.

Do you have some more details?

28 Jul 2017 09:40 #96609 by McAdam
McAdam replied the topic: Using a gamepad
Ok, this is strange.
It was working before with Axis - switched to Gmoccapy and it stopped working - back to axis and its not working anymore.
I will have to check all configs again.
28 Jul 2017 10:08 #96610 by McAdam
McAdam replied the topic: Using a gamepad
Ok, this can be ignored. I was stupid!
I initially had some trouble getting Gmoccapy working so I changed some things around in my ini file which included moving the gamepad code to a separate hal file, which for some reason failed to load. When the code is back in custom hal file everything works well.

Sorry about this
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