17 Aug 2017 08:14 #97613 by lcnc
lcnc created the topic: macros
I have on idea what i did wrong, i am not able to get any macros on my gmoccapy.

i added :

SUBROUTINE_PATH = ../../nc_files

MACRO = increment xinc yinc

to the ini file and:

O<increment> sub
G91 G0 X#1 Y#2
O<increment> endsub

to increment.ngc.

i do not know what to do, thank you for your help.
19 Aug 2017 15:34 #97744 by newbynobi
newbynobi replied the topic: macros
That seems to be all correct,
may be your config does not find the file.

Try to use a complete path, not a relative path.

Please start from a terminal and watch the output, you should see something like Marco found.

Please post the output.

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