How To use the Over Travel signal to stop tool measurement

03 Sep 2018 04:11 #117003 by silden
Hi All,
I like to use the over travel signal of my tool probe to stop the Tool measuring process and use MAXPROBE only to prevent a crash in to Z-.
Is this possible an how can I set this up?
I'm still new to GmocCapy and like to get some help with that.

Thank you all in advance,
05 Sep 2018 05:25 #117080 by newbynobi
You can connect the over travel signal to the estop signal.
This is not gmoccapy related, it is just a hal matter.

Regards Norbert
05 Sep 2018 05:29 #117081 by silden
You are right that I can connect it to the e-stop, this is what I already do.
I wanted to only abort the probing cycle and not stop the whole machine. Similar to the MAXPROBE implementation.
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