custom gmoccapy.h-button.button-2 in manual mode

18 Oct 2021 17:01 #223477 by gekonko
I use gmoccapy for LinuxCNC
I don't have a touch screen, so I plan to control 10x horizontal buttons via hardware buttons around the monitor ( with: gmoccapy.h-button.button-XYZ)

In manual mode, 5 of the 10 horizontal buttons are used:

gmoccapy.h-button.button-0 == open homing button
gmoccapy.h-button.button-1 == open touch off stuff
gmoccapy.h-button.button-2 == Nothing
gmoccapy.h-button.button-3 == open tool dialogs
gmoccapy.h-button.button-4 == Nothing
gmoccapy.h-button.button-5 == Nothing
gmoccapy.h-button.button-6 == Nothing
gmoccapy.h-button.button-7 == Nothing
gmoccapy.h-button.button-8 == full-size preview
gmoccapy.h-button.button-9 == exit if machine is off, otherwise no reaction

The plan is as follows:
- display the buttons in empty places
- control: - cooling
- increment selection
- air, etc

by editing the original I can display the 3rd button also with the initial image (in a circle). the icon seems to be responsive to gmoccapy.h-button.button-2


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How to proceed?
- I am not sure if my approach is correct. Is there any other way, how to display buttons in this location, which will be responsive to gmoccapy.h-button.button-xy without editing file?
- can I link this button created in to custom *.py and postgui.hal file?

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29 Oct 2021 20:22 #224672 by newbynobi
This is only possible, if you first modify the file to fit your needs and second edit the file to not modify your changes and add the control section for your buttons. It will be much easier, if you use an embedded panel and the halui pins to control cooling etc.


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