Joint following Error with rotational axis

08 Feb 2024 12:08 #292842 by mariusl
I am sure you are :)

There isn't really much more to say about it other than that you cannot apply a G43 to a multi axis machine unless the rotational axis are all at their zero location. The reason for this is that when the G43 removes the tool length offset when the rotational axis are at zero then there is no movement of any axis required to keep the TCP in place and the WCS offset is adjusted.. However if the rotational axis are not at zero and you remove the tool length offset, the TCP moves in a direction other than just the offset in the Z axis. As the tool length offset is removed instantly it causes the linear axis's to jump to a new location in order to keep the TCP on the mark. This will cause a joint following error and screw your plans up.


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