Is there a way to reset the card while the GUI is running?

06 Feb 2024 07:27 #292631 by Halbear
So I fired up the latency test with the card connected, a single motor hooked up and loaded the example torus.png, it ran for a few seconds while I was watching the latency screen and the servo thread only went up to 1.12ms max. I had lowered the servo period to 2ms in the ini file beforehand, but since it had not apparently reached that threshold I'm curious if something else is triggering the watchdog. 

btw the ethernet controller is a Realtek RTL8111; RodW mentioned in another thread that these are problematical. I'm curious whether I should just replace the card with something else

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09 Feb 2024 00:39 - 09 Feb 2024 00:41 #292899 by Halbear
Thanks for all the tips guys, I worked it out last night: I found RodW's thread about the proper NIC driver, installed it against old kernel and also found 2 grub files I should have been editing to add the isolcpu stuff instead of just 1. 

Happy to report that I haven't had an finishing read error or following error since doing all that this morning

Oh the sweet sense of hope 
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