Hardware Button for Jog with variable Speed

12 Mar 2024 17:05 #295764 by MillingMarvin
Hello everyone,

i want du build a controlpanel for the use with gmoccapy.
I didnt find any information on variable jog speed, when i use the "gmoccapy.jog.axis.jog-x-minus / plus" command, i cant change the speed while jogging. Thats the main reason i need help with my config.

The requierment are:
-a button for each axis to select the axis (3 buttons, for x, y and z)
-a button to jog the selected axis in a direction (one for +, one for -)
-a button for rapit jog (to press additionaly when + or - is pressed)
-a button to toggle between mpg and jog buttons
-3 bottons to select the mpg step scale (0,01mm, 0,1mm, 1,0mm)
-mpg wheel (a and b signal)
-selector switch (20 positions - outputs values on one pin like a potentiometer) to select the desired jog speed and feed override

I am just running a test setup, no real machine is connected. I have all the pysical inputs connected and ready to be configured.
Selecting and jogging the axis with the mpg works fine.
My idea was to manipuate the "axis.L.jog-counts" funktion with the indendet Jog+ or - button, but dont really now how....

Has anyone a simular conifg running or a idea how to do this in gmoccapy?
Looking forward to your answers.
Greetings from Germany.


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13 Mar 2024 10:33 #295815 by newbynobi
I have done exactly what you are planing ;-)

analog_in.hal = connecting the potentiometer to the 7i76 for rapid overide and Jog velocity
keypad.hal = The connections of the 7i73 to all used button
                      In my hardware setup "Freigabe" must be pressed, otherwise nothing on the control panel will work
mpg.hal = jog Wheel Counts and the connection to hard and software

Hope that helps ;-)


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18 Mar 2024 11:42 #296187 by MillingMarvin
Thanks Norbert,

the config files Help. But I cant find how you managed to change the jog Speed without letting go of the jog Button (+ or -).

I would appreciate it, If you could Point me to the correspondig lines in your config files ':D


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