MecSoft Post processors.

12 Nov 2017 00:19 #101675 by Skullworks
Hi folks;

I will be upgrading to the new release when it comes out of both VisualMill and AlibreCAM sometime about the end of November 2017.

I am hoping to provide a variety of post versions that will allow users to have a starting config very close to what they need for the type of machine they intend to use.

I am also hoping that the CAM module that MecSoft uses will be nearly identical across its software platform. If so, this means the post could be used for any of the MecSoft CAMS.

RhinoCAM plugin for Rhino CAD
VisualMill plugin for Solidworks
AlibreCAM plugin for Alibre Design

I do not have it in my budget to add the VisualTurn CAM plugin so I won't initially be working on lathe posts. Hopefully as I gain a better familiarity with the post structure I can assist in post edits. Eventually I hope to add the Turn module.

Greg aka Skullworks

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20 Aug 2020 11:04 #178817 by zeroCube
Replied by zeroCube on topic MecSoft Post processors.

we have some problem with postprocessor with RhinoCam.
Helical and spiral interpolation check in linuxCNC error.
Is some solution?
I think that problem with XY plane and letters I,J,K,Q....

Thanks for answer.

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