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06 Feb 2018 10:16 - 22 Jul 2018 14:40 #105483 by eFalegname
Hi Fern,
I'm using NativeCAM every day, mostly to transform, mix and manipulate my gcode, and as project organizer-management tool, unfortunately I still can't do all my gcode files without "windowscadcam" for this reason I opened this post, to organize the ideas about the features and improvements that I would like to see on NativeCAM to make from it my primary CAM.

F-engrave is installed along LinuxCNC, can I suggest a feature to make V-Carving and V-Inlay like the F-engrave program does? These are very used processes, besides with F-engrave it is possible to import .dxf and bitmaps to engrave.

With G-code ripper is possible Scale, Split and Wrap G-Code even on irregular surfaces using the autoprobe function.

For what I understand these two programs are python scripts, maybe it would be possible to use NativeCam as frontend as done before with ttrace to engraving text...

Thanks a lot for your great work and please, keep my dream alive :) :)

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06 Feb 2018 14:39 #105492 by FernV
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Hi Floris

I do not know those apps...
I will have to take a good look at them and put on my enhancement list if possible for later development

28 Mar 2018 00:22 #108015 by tommylight
I am assuming we can use this thread for other requests for added features to NCAM, so i have one i would like to add:
Rotary plasma tube/profile cutter
I am in the process of building a prototype like the professional ones on youtube, but it is going slowly due to to much projects i am working on. Of course the build log will be posted on the forum.
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07 Nov 2018 20:55 #120204 by FernV
Replied by FernV on topic NativeCAM features request
Hi Floris,

I was out of country a good while for the last 6 months and I could not work much on the project. Next version will be 2.0

Not much improvements in the interface but much better g-code.

Meanwhile, if you have new requests please post them

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