Teething troubles

13 Mar 2018 16:20 #107280 by Maitland
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I'm definitely confused. I have installed NCAM in LinuxCNC (2.7.12) for my flat bed engraver, and I get the tab. But I can't get it to load any of the examples. The open project menu appears, but when I select a project it just sits there. Eventually the menu goes blank, but doesn't go away, and the whole program is hung up. Any idea what I've done wrong?
15 Mar 2018 18:46 #107387 by Maitland
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No one seems to have any suggestions so:

- I re-installed the entire LinuxCNC distribution from the live disk.
- I updated LinuxCNC to 2.7.12 using Synaptic.
- I installed NativeCAM by downloading ncam_debsetup.txt, changing to the Downloads directory and typing sudo bash ncam_debsetup.txt
- I changed directory to FlatBed under home/linuxcnc and typed ncam -i FlatBed.ini -t -c mill
- I ran the FlatBed configuration of LinuxCNC

The result this time is that I get a NativeCAM tab in Axis, but it is blank.

If I run NativeCAM as a standalone I get the menus but without any display of the workpiece.

I hope this will give enough information as to what I have done wrong or omitted.

07 Apr 2018 21:30 #108574 by FernV
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I think you should find the solution from here :

Sorry for the delay, I was away

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