Issue with 1st simple program

10 Nov 2018 15:06 #120392 by mydani
Hi all,

NativeCAM looks awesome, so I installed it into my existing running LinuxCNC (gmoccapy).
I did a 1st program for my lathe, with a workpiece, toolchange, facing operation. Unfortunately, the following error is given when the nc file is loaded:

G-Code error in ncam.ngc
Near line 100 of
EOF in file:/home/daniel/linuxcnc/nc_files/ncam.ngc seeking o-word: o<select> from line: 99

I wonder whether it is a lib issue or my parameters, so I attach the project and nc file as well.

Looking forward for help.

10 Nov 2018 19:46 #120414 by FernV
Replied by FernV on topic Issue with 1st simple program
Hi Daniel

This happens usually when files have not been all copied yet. Usually just restarting resolve it

12 Nov 2018 06:50 #120476 by mydani
Hi Fern,

it was an issue of my INI, did not take over all subroutine paths.
Merging it made this very clear. Sorry, my fault.

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