How to update existing project if cfg files have been modified

25 Mar 2020 18:14 #161476 by FernV
Someone asked me this question on github and I think anyone should benefit this answer

First, check if the option 'Save as custom defaults' appears when you right-click on a feature name in the master treeview.
If not, you are out of luck and must start over.

If it does, try this :
  • un-check Autorefresh
  • load your project
  • right-click on a feature name you know has a new version
  • select 'Save as custom defaults'
  • load a newer version right before or after the old version
  • all saved custom default values should be set to new feature
  • verify if OK and do the changes needed
  • right-click on the title again then select 'Delete custom defaults'
  • delete the old version
  • do this for all features that have new version in your project taking care that you do not delete an entire group that was not replaced
  • when done re-check Autorefresh
  • make final changes to make it do what you need
  • when satisfied, save to replace the old project/li]
Hope this work for you

With Covid-19 forcing me to stay home, I spent most of my time on modify nativecam. It is under major rework. A few details here :
  • it will not be dependant of any .ngc files. Code is generated in python module which makes it easier to maintain and debug
  • .cfg files contain python code
  • sorry, it can not be compatible with old files
  • new setup options
  • and more... but basically the same interface

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