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09 Jun 2020 21:20 - 10 Jun 2020 02:18 #170879 by Barry
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In using the NCAM program for a lathe, I noticed that there IS a built in selection icon for cutting a Radius but there IS NOT one for cutting an Arc. The difference is that when cutting a radius, the center point and radius are defined; whereas when cutting an Arc, the radius and the end point of the arc path along the X,Z plane are defined. So I'd like to add an ICON for ARC cutting capability on a lathe, which I can do, but I don't readily recognize the programming language of the NCam Configuration Files.

I know the main body of the NCAM program is Python and when pressing an ICON in NCam (e.g. radius_od.cfg) it calls a Configuration File which in turn calls a NGC file (e.g. radius_od.ngc) and I believe maybe the NGC File is written in GCODE.

So what program language is the Configuration file written in, Python or G-Code? I'm guessing Python.

Better yet is there already a Configuration file and a NGC file built as a plugin to add Arc cutting capability to NCam for a lathe?

Thank you in advance,

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13 Jun 2020 13:09 #171430 by Grotius
Replied by Grotius on topic NCAM Arc Cutting
Hi Barry,

If you mean this is a configuration file :

Its a mix of gcode and text. I suggest for read configuration data into the python program.
An sich you can add your own text to it.

If you add a button to the program, you maybe can execute your gcode template file for cutting an arc.
You have to dig into the code. This takes time.

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