Setup & Configuring Pathpilot for Lathe. Tutorial2

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PathPIlot Tutorial Part 2

Configuration for Mill & Startup Errors .

after doing the changes in part1 you may see an error pop up that it needs to change the or update
the software , ignore this and follow on .....

the reason you see an error is that your config files now hold an error
most probably a hal pin error , or you have the 5i25 attached but not the 7i77 for example

the easy way to solve this is to get Pathpilot into what i call desktop mode
and then edit the files or upload a known good one .

i have attached a startup for a 5i25 lathe , i'll attach a mill one shorlty
you'll find most of the gpio pins related to a 7i76 have been hashed out
this is so you can at least get started and edit later ..

to get into desktop mode press left shift & left alt together at the tormach screen
similar fashion to booting to dos etc .

once there you will see the familiar desktop .
the configs are contained in /tmc/configs
and either tormach_lathe or tormach_mill directory as approprate

as pathpilot does not use a config picker
the startup ini file is located in the user operator
and is a file called config_file.txt

if you want to use the files attached below , extract them to
and change the startup file in config_file.txt
to ~/tmc/configs/tormach_lathe/tormach_lathe_5i25a.ini

i also found it benifical to make a startup script
in operator with :
linuxcnc ~/tmc/configs/tormach_lathe/tormach_lathe_5i25a.ini
i made the file execuitable and it make it easy to startup
whilst in the desktop .

any hal errors or startup errors can be seen in the file pathpilotlog.txt
located in ~operator/gcode/logfiles/

then you can re-run until you have pathpilot running .
the same principals apply to a Mill . but i'll cover that shortly

Thanks to micknucam for the lathe files
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