setting up for Parallel port Tutoral Part 3 with PathPilot version 2

09 Jul 2017 06:50 #95528 by JANNOVV
I'm trying a lathe on a parallel port.
Tried several times but no luck.
Please example hall and ini for lathe PP on a parallel port.
Thanks, Jan.
11 Jul 2017 14:05 #95660 by andypugh
Can you give a more specific description of what is not working?
02 Oct 2017 14:44 #99767 by czu774
I'm a beginner in Linux, but I find your tutorial very useful.
Thank you for the great job.
I have an cnc lathe retrofitted and I'm using my own Visual Basic programs and Mach3.
Now I want to tray the Pathpilot on parallel port.
I followed the instructions an I used the files from archive for the mill_pp example; everything was fine.
Do you have files for lathe_pp also?

12 Dec 2017 16:22 #103007 by emptyhb
Hi, I've trouble with config limit in pathpilot using parallel port

How to edit hal file for pathpilot accept signal from parallel port - pin?

26 Jan 2018 14:09 #105039 by slipalong
Ive followed the tutorial and now have PP running ok, I have been using LCNC 2.7.11 for some months on a small mill (BF30 type).
Im moving from LCNC and Axis to PP mainly because well its ugly!

As I understand it I need to cut and paste lines from my working hal and ini files into the exampled kindly provided by Blacksheep.

Could anyone let me know what needs to be moved / copied please.
20 Feb 2018 23:18 #106259 by narrab
Thank you for posting this PathPilot for Parallel Port Tutorial. I followed the instructions using v 1.9.3 Everything worked except I would get a jog error when setting the Estop. I read else where on this forum this was caused because the Machine OK was not set. So I by trial and error I now have this working by changing the Hal file. I have attached the Hal file that works for me to help others who follow this tutorial in the future.

File Attachment:

File Name: mill_pp.hal
File Size:6 KB
24 Feb 2018 03:46 #106421 by narrab
I finally tried to hook up my stepper motors/ motor drivers to my BOB. While the Pathpilot is running and the x coordinates move with the Shuttlexpress, I am not getting any motor movement. By the Pathpilot by Tormach logo it says Frank SIM. Does this meant that I am in simulation mode? I have tried to view the signals on the Halscope and the Xstep does not show a signal when I move attempt to jog the x motor.

Any Ideas?
13 Feb 2019 18:13 #126367 by slipalong
Anyone managed to get PP2 working with a parallel port. Been trying for 2 day without success.
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