ClassicLadder in PathPilot ?

29 Aug 2016 12:02 - 29 Aug 2016 12:48 #79644 by dinkata
dinkata created the topic: ClassicLadder in PathPilot ?
I'm trying to work with PathPilot 1.9.6b , in non Tormach machine .I need classicladder .
additionally installed in operator/tmc/rtlib file classicladder_rt.ko .
Now in halmeter classicladder pins are available . hal : => custom.clp....
--| %I0|----( %Q0)---
%I0 it works : changed => %I0 changed
but Q0 not changed !
In halmeter parameter classicladder.ladder-state = 0
I cheked config in Debian linuxcnc there classicladder.ladder-state = 2
Can you help me to start classicladder with PathPilot ?
Best regards
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24 Dec 2016 04:42 #84664 by RandyJ
RandyJ replied the topic: ClassicLadder in PathPilot ?
I tried to load classicladder_rt.ko in PP 1.9.7. I have the same problem I had with charge_pump.ko. I get a message about invalid format when I try to loadrt classicladder_rt. Do I need to go back to an earlier version of linuxCNC in order to get the .ko files that will load under PP?
26 Dec 2016 17:01 #84706 by RandyJ
RandyJ replied the topic: ClassicLadder in PathPilot ?
Update - I sourced the classic ladder runtime from a LinuxCNC V2.5/2.6 system that is on Unbunto 10.04. I first just loaded the classicladder_rt.ko into the rtlib directory. At that point the halmeter of classicladder.ladder-state was = 0 (just as you described). Another file for the loadusr instruction is needed. I found the classicladder executable and loaded it to the tmc/bin directory. At this point the classicladder.ladder-state was = 2. So this is very close to working. I brought up the gui by removing the --nogui on the load usr command. The ladder is there but not animated and also the scan time in the upper right hand corner is not moving. The classicladder.0.refresh.time is running. So there must be one more step. The code works in LinuxCNC 2.6.
26 Dec 2016 21:32 #84718 by RandyJ
RandyJ replied the topic: ClassicLadder in PathPilot ?
Update 2 -
So i mixed my executable code from LinuxCNC V2.5 and V2.6. When I took both to the V2.6 everything was good.
classicladder_rt.ko -> tmc/rtlib/classicladder_rt.ko
classicladder -> tmc/bin/classicladder

These are referenced from the HAL code:
loadrt classicladder_rt numPhysInputs=15 numPhysOutputs=15 numS32in=10 numS32out=10 numFloatIn=10 numFloatOut=10

addf classicladder.0.refresh servo-thread

loadusr -W classicladder --nogui custom.clp

Looks like it works fine!
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12 Feb 2017 04:22 #87856 by dinkata
dinkata replied the topic: ClassicLadder in PathPilot ?

Looks like it works fine!

Yes , true . work :woohoo:

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