PathPilot 5i25 encoder

19 Feb 2017 05:33 #88233 by rafferty
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Currently working on spindle speed control for my non-Tormach mill.

Would be good if the RPM DRO indicated actual RPM while running gcode, For Tormach mills the RPM display will be correct, except during the ramp up period which is predicted. I won't go into the details of my spindle control hardware but having the DRO indicate actual RPM means no RPM display is needed on the mill. Also designing the hardware with the idea of adding a second high speed spindle later, again DRO indicating actual RPM would be convenient.

I've been looking at the PathPilot 1.8.2 sources, particularly the firmware '1PPS' encoder which provides a synthesized 256 pulse/rev output for duality/rapidturn lathe threading.

The docs say this encoder replaces the stock Mesa encoder in the bit file. Changing the mill hal hm2_pci config string to add one encoder does add the 1PPS encoder on I/O 16 (shared with probe input) just as the duality/rapidturn hal file does, however adding 2 encoders appears to add the 1PPS encoder on I/O 16 and a second full encoder on I/O 30)Index), 31(A), and 32(B).

Just wondering if anyone has explored any of this before?

(1PPS = 1 Pulse Per Second? Doesn't seem to be the correct description))
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