Upgrade to Pathpilot 2

06 Feb 2018 07:57 #105479 by racedirector
racedirector created the topic: Upgrade to Pathpilot 2
Has anyone successfully upgraded to PP2? I am trying but it is not going well. PP2 has a totally different way of loading the ini, no longer is config.txt used but a python file intervenes. I mangled to get it started but it is soooooo slow, won't load everything on screen and won't reset.

I can't see much different in a standard Tormach ini file and my own but will persevere until someone has done the same thing.

If anyone has successfully completed the upgrade please do jump in....

07 Feb 2018 12:22 #105525 by brianTruck
brianTruck replied the topic: Upgrade to Pathpilot 2
I have been playing with it on a spare computer. Trying to get it into sim mode,no luck so far.

07 Feb 2018 21:58 #105548 by Millper1
Millper1 replied the topic: Upgrade to Pathpilot 2
ctr+alt+s before picking machine config gets into sim mode
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08 Feb 2018 02:51 #105554 by brianTruck
brianTruck replied the topic: Upgrade to Pathpilot 2
Thanks', worked perfect.

08 Feb 2018 09:20 - 08 Feb 2018 09:20 #105560 by racedirector
racedirector replied the topic: Upgrade to Pathpilot 2
Well after some setbacks I actually have PP2 running my machine. I will document the process of moving from PP1 to PP2 sometime tomorrow so others can get it working. Not many actual changes required but PP2 now runs 2.8 pre under 64bit Mint Mate so any extras added to your PP install will need the 64 bit equivalents.

More tomorrow

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21 Feb 2018 01:15 #106262 by Jakemestre1
Jakemestre1 replied the topic: Upgrade to Pathpilot 2
Hi Racedirector, any chance we could get your thoughts on the update? I'm struggling a bit. Thank you.
28 Feb 2018 03:48 #106685 by bill.anderson
bill.anderson replied the topic: Upgrade to Pathpilot 2
I'm having trouble too! I can't seem to get the PP2 USB to boot on my machine. I didn't have a problem with the 1.82 DVD reading the R1 system. Any thoughts?

bill a
28 Feb 2018 04:25 #106686 by cncnoob1979
cncnoob1979 replied the topic: Upgrade to Pathpilot 2
Hey bill!

I just installed pp2 on my non-tormach mill.

Pretty difficult and I only have it getting through to the main screen with very limited functionality. Have to figure out the pins now.

Any way, to enable pp2 USB dongle to install on my system I had to enable EFI boot. (In the bios) I had it set to just legacy but after a few reboots I started trying different things.

Also if you have multiple HDD's you need to unplug all but the one you want to install. It will error out otherwise.

I'm on a 5i25/7i77 with servos. I really wish they would stay away from so much py scripting and enable full linuxcnc capabilities.
03 Mar 2018 22:22 #106889 by bill.anderson
bill.anderson replied the topic: Upgrade to Pathpilot 2
I wound up downloading the trial version of R-Drive Image on windows and used it with the PP2 USB Thumbdrive to extract PP2 to a 32GB USB Stick. It created a bootable USB with 3 partitions. I used GParted to create additional 3 partitions on my dualboot Opensuse/Windows system. I then used DD to copy the partitions from the USB Stick to the newly created partitons. I ran the Grub bootloader and rebooted. I now have a triple boot system with Linux Mint running PathPilot 2.
Left-alt and Left-shift react the same way as PathPilot 1.xx. I now have to modify it to run my G540 based ShopTask Patriot.
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