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08 Jan 2019 03:31 #123746 by crowloy
USB IO module was created by crowloy
Anyone ever find out a source for the USB IO module that Tormach uses? So far I've only found one that's similar and it might be possible to make it work, but it's a definite might.
08 Jan 2019 05:21 #123748 by smgvbest
Replied by smgvbest on topic USB IO module
Looking at how PP communicates with the board there are Tormach specific strings in it.

I would tend to believe that the board is either custom tormach or a commercial board that has been customized by Tormach.

it send the command VE and gets back two values, r and data, data contains the "Tormach I/O"

this is contained in the file

A bit of recoding in the probably could make this work with other boards.

the other thing you can do is you can map in the hal file I/O directly. i did this for 4 outputs as a test
08 Jan 2019 15:53 #123781 by sharmstr
Replied by sharmstr on topic USB IO module
At one time (last year) the IO module was a CP2102 with 4 relays attached.
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