How to make the USB I/O turn off relays on M30 or Estop?

26 Jan 2019 22:05 - 26 Jan 2019 22:05 #124938 by andypugh

smgvbest wrote: In the Pathpilot postgui hal file the USBIO pins are defined as

net usbio-enabled tormach.usbio-enabled => usbio.enabled
net dig-out-0 tormach.usbio-output-0

So, edit that file to look like
loadrt and2 count=16
addf and2.0 servo-thread
addf and2.1 servo-thread 
addf and2.2 servo-thread
addf and2.3 servo-thread 
addf and2.4 servo-thread
addf and2.5 servo-thread 
addf and2.6 servo-thread
addf and2.7 servo-thread
addf and2.8 servo-thread
addf and2.9 servo-thread 
addf and2.10 servo-thread
addf and2.11 servo-thread 
addf and2.12 servo-thread
addf and2.13 servo-thread
addf and2.14 servo-thread
addf and2.15 servo-thread 

net running halui.program-is-running
net running and2.0in0 and2.1.in0 and2.2.in0 and2.3.in0
net running and2.4.in0 and2.5.in0 and2.6.in0 and2.7.in0
net running and2.8.in0 and2.9.in0 and2.10.in0 and2.11.in0
net running and2.12.in0 and2.13.in0 and2.14.in0 and2.15.in0

net dig-out-1 and2.0.in1
net dig-out-1-latched and2.0.out => tormach.usbio-output-0
net dig-out-2 and2.1.in1
net dig-out-1-latched and2.1.out => tormach.usbio-output-1
net dig-out-3 and2.2.in1
net dig-out-1-latched and2.2.out => tormach.usbio-output-2
net dig-out-4 tand2.3.in1
net dig-out-1-latched and2.3.out => tormach.usbio-output-3
net dig-out-5 and2.4.in1
net dig-out-1-latched and2.4.out => tormach.usbio-output-4
net dig-out-6 and2.5.in1
net dig-out-1-latched and2.5.out => tormach.usbio-output-5
net dig-out-7 and2.6.in1
net dig-out-1-latched and2.6.out => tormach.usbio-output-6
net dig-out-8 and2.7.in1
net dig-out-1-latched and2.7.out => tormach.usbio-output-7
net dig-out-9 and2.8.in1
net dig-out-1-latched and2.8.out => tormach.usbio-output-8
net dig-out-10 and2.9.in1
net dig-out-1-latched and2.9.out => tormach.usbio-output-9
net dig-out-11 and2.10.in1
net dig-out-1-latched and2.10.out => tormach.usbio-output-10
net dig-out-12 and2.11.in1
net dig-out-1-latched and2.11.out => tormach.usbio-output-11
net dig-out-13 and2.12.in1
net dig-out-1-latched and2.12.out => tormach.usbio-output-12
net dig-out-14 and2.13.in1
net dig-out-1-latched and2.13.out => tormach.usbio-output-13
net dig-out-15 and2.14.in1
net dig-out-1-latched and2.14.out => tormach.usbio-output-14
net dig-out-15 and2.15.in1
net dig-out-1-latched and2.14.out => tormach.usbio-output-15
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27 Jan 2019 17:48 - 27 Jan 2019 17:50 #124979 by jwatte
Thanks for the suggestions! I'll compare this to the "status polling Python" option, and see what I come up with.

FWIW, the "configs" live in the v2.1.6/configs/tormach_mill files, and each new update creates a new v2.x.y directory and re-links the "tmc" symlink to that new directory. Perhaps the updater copies over the old configs verbatim? We shall see.
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