Homing position and machine accuracy

08 Jan 2024 22:27 - 09 Jan 2024 01:10 #290241 by Vmax549
Hi Guys ,I have run into a problem with PathPilot and it is ODD.  The accuracy of the machine seems to depend on where it was homed at AND where the part is placed on the table. NOW before we get into what about the machine that could cause that when it was on the last controller before PathPilot it made PERFECt parts +/- .0003 all day long.  The only thing changed was the control software(PathPIlot and the X axis servo set ,drive and motor) that was a clearpath servo.

First I thought that it was a screw mapping error but it seems that PathPilot does not do axis screw mapping at least according to Tormach

(;-) TP
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20 Jan 2024 11:18 #291189 by andypugh
Did you have screw-mapping previously?

Also, I woud be surprised if Tormach have actively removed the screw-mapping capability from the system. That seems like work for no benefit.

Is the problem in both axes? Is this a Tormach machine?

Did you previously have homing-to-index that is no longer active?

What level of problem are you seeing?

One possible cause of this would be a cyclical error in the position feedback. Do you have any way to check for this, such as plotting actual v commanded using a linear scale or simialar (thos would need to be at several positions per screw-rotation, so could be checked along quite a small displacement, for example with a dial indicator.
(Dial indicator and gauge blocks could extend this range)

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