Do we need a Plasma Touch Off HAL component ?

08 May 2017 02:22 - 08 May 2017 02:22 #92800 by ksgeek
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I have not done a complete compare yet, but the from the thread you liked to seem to be what I started with. I pulled it down from the Proma website. I have everything wired up I think, but when I do rapid movements over 300 inch/min I get following errors. If I increase the FERROR values. then we start losing steps. I have reviewed the timings of our drivers with the linuxcnc docs as I can find them, and we have things correct.

When running a straight stepconfig project we can do rapids up 500in/min with out any errors or lost steps as far as I can tell from our testing so far.

That is why I moved to the gmoccapy+thcud component to resolve the following errors and improve the movement speed.

This was all with 2.7 stock install. I have went back and tried the thc_toma config with the dgarr/external_offsets branch yet. We are currently transitioning our control panel from prototype hair ball to a permanent layout, so I can't test anything at the moment. :(

I do not want to hijack this thread too much. I can post these concerns on the other thread.

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Tom, don't worry too much about the hijack.

The external offsets won't help you as you have an external THC. External offsets will only help if Linuxcnc is controlling the z axis totally. it offers a PID based control that uses the torch voltage (usually read by a Mesa THCAD daughter card) as a feedback signal.

Its so new I don't think anyone has actually tried it on a real machine yet

Tommylight is the expert with the config I linked to as well as Proma and steppers in general. I'm sure he'll chime in
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